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2018 wasn’t a great year for Security

It’s safe to say that 2018 wasn’t a great year for security.

Even the biggest companies in the world struggled to defend themselves against the constant onslaught of hacking attempts.

When you are faced with organised nation-state attacks, it’s hard for the average company to defend itself.

Just last week, a ransomware email made the rounds and threatened to detonate an actual bomb if the victims didn’t pay $20,000 in bitcoin. These emails were widely circulated, but proved to be a hoax.

However, not every threat will turn out to be harmless, no matter how absurd they may seem.

If you want a true sense of the level of sophistication that you are up against, consider Trend Micro’s report from last week. Trend Micro highlighted a new kind of malware that hides inside Twitter memes. This insidious use of a legitimate service has to be to disturbing to anyone who is trying to defend a network against external attacks. How can you possibly defend yourself against such creative malice?

As Trend Micro described the meme malware: “Hidden inside the memes mentioned above is the “/print” command, which enables the malware to take screenshots of the infected machine. The screenshots are sent to a C&C server whose address is obtained through a hard-coded URL on pastebin.com.” It doesn’t cause direct harm, but organisations should take note of how inventive bad actors are capable of being.

While the bomb threat was thankfully not a real problem, something in the coming year almost certainly will be.

How you react could help define your year.

Be vigilant, be ready, but most all, be realistic, and know that your job is never truly done

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Posted by Ron Miller. Ron Miller is a freelance technology reporter and blogger. He is contributing editor at EContent Magazine and enterprise reporter at TechCrunch. https://smartermsp.com/when-it-comes-to-security-youre-never-done